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The place to visit for your custom-made, bespoke cardboard boxes!

Whether you need a special box for an oddly shaped product or an extra strong one for storing something heavy, we can create a bespoke box solution to suit your needs. Short-run orders are our speciality, making us ideal for small and home businesses, but we’re more than capable of doing long runs too!B and T Chalk BoardWe are passionate about short run bespoke boxes and we love a challenge. Our friendly team, including our mascots Ben and Terry (read more about them here) are eager to answer any enquiries you may have. You can get also an instant box quote right now online with our easy to use box calculator or if you know what you want, you can buy cardboard boxes online here!

For bespoke orders: Simply put in the details of what you need in our box calculator here and Ben and Terry will give you an instant quote for your custom made boxes!

Our made to measure die-cut boxes are also a speciality. Requiring little or no tape to put together, and available in black, white, royal blue as well as brown, they make a sleek and stylish bespoke packaging solution for your products!

Enquire about bespoke boxes at Boxtopia

Alternately, if your box needs are of a more standard nature, you can buy ready-made boxes right here from our online box shop! We have an excellent range of FEFCO styles available in both plain and coloured card.

You don’t need to juggle a string of suppliers for your packaging needs as we’re a one-stop shop for all your packaging needs! Take a look at our printed tapes, which are available as standard or custom made, our bespoke printed labels, and our selection of items like bubble wrap and void fill! You can find this at our sister company Microwrap.

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Boxtopia News

5 Unexpected Uses for Bespoke Boxes

Written on 26/06/2015, 14:58 by Robert
  5 Unexpected Uses for ‘Bespoke Boxes’ OK, you’ve purchased one of our fab bespoke cardboard boxes. You’re products have been delivered. Your customer is happy everything arrived safe and sound, so, what to do with those boxes now?  Well as you may be aware our bespoke boxes, are very environmentally friendly and...
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Why are our Bespoke Boxes are Different to the Rest?

Written on 17/06/2015, 14:28 by Robert
  So What Makes Boxtopia Different from any other Bespoke Box Company? A lot of companies claim to offer bespoke cardboard boxes, but the question is, how bespoke are they? At Boxtopia our boxes won’t let you down on that front, you can rest assured that you are always in complete control of...
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Boxes Perfect for those Summer Activities We Love!

Written on 12/06/2015, 12:47 by Robert
  Boxes Perfect for those Summer Activities We Love! As summer approaches, many of you will be thinking about enjoying your favourite hobbies in the sunshine, which may be activities such as, cycling, walking, photography or riding that motorbike. So if you own a cycle shop, sell roller-skates, motorcycle parts or hiking boots,...
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Bespoke Boxes for Manufacturing – We Cover the Lot!

Written on 01/06/2015, 13:05 by Robert
Bespoke Boxes for Manufacturing – We Cover the Lot! This week’s blog is all about how the box has changed the world. No really it is! We know that one of the most important parts of managing a company which produces goods, is the logistics. Moving your stock to your customer...
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The Perfect Box For Your Arts and Crafts

Written on 29/05/2015, 16:57 by Robert
The Perfect Box for Your Arts and Crafts  This week here at Boxtopia we have been spending a lot of time on Facebook connecting with new friends and groups; in particular those of you in the ‘Arts and Crafts’ arena.  For many years now we have been glad to help all types...
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