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About us

Boxtopia is a specialist cardboard box company, specialising in short run box orders of any size, shape and quantity.

If you need just one box, we can do that; if you need much larger quantities, we can help there too!

As cardboard box manufacturers, we are pleased to offer you a wide and varied range of corrugated cardboard box solutions designed to your specification whether you require recyclable, lightweight or heavy duty cartons, we can manufacture and deliver to you using tried and trusted transport companies.

Take a look at our video below to find out a little more about what we do:

Did you know?

We are one of only a number of companies in the UK who can print your logo on even very short runs of boxes. We can even supply short runs of die-cut boxes where a box can be made to a specific size and shape. In fact, whatever, your packaging requirements may be (whether it is tape, void fill, or stretch film for instance) we have it covered.

Check out our box calculator for an instant quote or visit our online shop to purchase your bespoke box now.

Behind the scenes:

Here is a snapshot from our factory, showing how a sheet of cardboard can be transformed into one of our bespoke boxes.

Boxtopia have been supplying packaging products since 1997 and have excellent quality and performance history, so you know you can rely on us for good quality and service.

Valepack and Microwrap:

Boxtopia is just one branch of Valepack Ltd, a company providing boxes, wraps and packaging for all manner of businesses and needs. Our sister company Microwrap are specialists in the supply of machine pallet wrap, giving you the choice of...

  • Standard (150%)
  • Power Prestretch (250%)
  • Super Power (300%)
  • Microwrap® branded prestretched
  • Perforated for loads requiring "breathability"

Microwrap Stretch Films is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of film products such as:

Microwrap® branded pre-stretched hand and machine wrap

Hand and machine pallet wrap

Hand stretch film 

Handy wrap and spiral wrap

Machine wrap

Accessories and complimentary products including dispensers

Microwrap is in a unique position when it comes to supplying products.  As they impose no minimum quantities – you only need to buy what you need, making them a great choice for small businesses and sole traders. Take a look at Why Microwrap? to see why we have many happy customers who come back again and again!

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