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Are you off to market? If you are you'll need a box or two

Are you off to Market? If you are you’ll need a Box or Two

The upcoming weeks mark the start of Christmas markets, up and down the country. In the City of Lincoln, not far from Boxtopia HQ, they hold one of the largest Christmas market in Europe with more than 280 stalls. Retailers, crafters, food manufacturers, brewers and all manner of entrepreneurial people will be gathering to sell their extraordinary products in celebration of the Christmas season. 

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Although Boxtopia will not have a stall per se, we will be there in spirit.

Why? Because our bespoke boxes are used by hundreds of companies who sell products at Christmas markets around the country. 



If you yourself are a retailer or sole trader looking to box up your products ready for your stand, why not check out our fabulous range of bespoke packaging?

From our custom-made boxes in all shapes and sizes to coloured boxes, printed boxes and die-cut boxes, we guarantee there will be a solution on our site for you.

Plus, our Box Calculator could not be simpler to use, with its 5-step process, you can pick your dimensions, colour, thickness, quantity and shape.

All you have to do then is purchase your boxes using one of our numerous payment methods.

So guys, let’s get wrapping!

Until Next Time

The Boxtopia Team x

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