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Bespoke cardboard boxes – the benefits

The benefits of bespoke cardboard boxes

If you need bespoke boxes - made to measure, Boxtopia is here for you! We specialise in custom made cardboard boxes to suit all requirements.

From stock board we can offer a choice of single wall corrugated cardboard (about 3 mm thick and with one layer of fluting) in brown, white, black and royal blue and double wall corrugated cardboard (about 6 mm thick and with two layers of fluting) in brown. White double wall board is available too, but only for larger quantities. All our boxes can be made to any size, shape and quantity.

Just because we specialise in short runs (starting from just one box) that doesn’t mean we can’t do longer runs too if that’s what you need!

If you’ve never thought of using bespoke boxes, here are some advantages:

  • You get a choice of thicknesses for items that need extra protection.
  • Made to measure bespoke boxes give a smarter, more professional appearance.

Why not try our cardboard box calculator, for an instant quote in five easy steps!

  1. Simply choose your style (If you're not sure what you need, see our FAQ for more info on our styles)
  2. The number of boxes you need.
  3. Choose your thickness, colour (if applicable)
  4. Then enter the dimensions you want in millimetres. Remember that the measurements refer to the internal dimensions of the box.
  5. Finally, you are ready to purchase your bespoke box, with a variety of payment methods, including PayPal and all major Credit or Debit Cards.

The technical stuff!

All our boxes are made to FEFCO styles and tolerances. If you're not sure what you are looking for and need some advice, call our friendly and professional team who are always ready to help! Contact on 01476 576 090 to find out about our great range of really useful boxes.

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