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British boxes for a British celebration

British boxes for a British celebration - Remember, remember the 5th of November

As many of you will be aware, next week is November 5th a.k.a Bonfire Night, which means only one thing, ‘Fireworks’.

bonfire night


Some of you love them, some of you hate them (because they scare your pets), but what the day represents is a celebration of tradition and in particular the British Parliament and all of our freedoms.

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We don't just do boxes you know?

We don't just do boxes you know? The whole packaging solution is our forte!

So, you’ve heard all about our wonderful selection of bespoke cardboard boxes, but did you know we do a whole host of other packaging too?

That’s right! We believe in the full packaging solution which, means including void fill, bubble wrap, stretch wrap and tapes. Void fill is a great way to ensure your products are safe during transit by cushioning any impacts.

Made of polystyrene they are bio-degradable, premium quality and clean dust free packaging solutions. Ideal for business! 


fragile printed tape for packaging



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Why is the 0201 box the most popular box in Britain?

Why is the 0201 box the most popular box in Britain?

If you are a retailer who sends their products through the postal system you will be aware of the tremendous cost that returns have on your bottom line. Each year, thousands of items are returned on sites such as; eBay, Amazon or Etsy, just because they arrived damaged!


0201 bespoke boxes


By choosing a bespoke box you can avoid such danger. The 0201 standard FEFCO box is perfect for transporting all manner of products, whether they are robust or delicate. Made from corrugated cardboard, the thinnest box is 3mm thick, and if you’re still looking for something stronger then our double wall is 6mm thick. Aside from this – you choose the size. It leaves little room for product movement and when paired with void fill or bubble wrap you can be assured you’ve got your packaging right!


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What did we do before the cardboard box?

What did we do before the cardboard box?

Nowadays we all take the trusty cardboard box for granted but what did we do before it was invented? Well mostly we relied on wooden crates or barrels to be made to transport goods using the old fashioned methods of coopering. Can you imagine all the energy you’d need to put into transporting just a few items, as well as the damage that would occur when putting a wooden pallet on a horse! 

Well now things are very different. After the first commercial paperboard box was produced right here in England in 1817 we have never looked back. In fact it has been the British that have spear-headed the production of cardboard packaging ever since. In 1856 corrugated cardboard was patented right here in England, and in 1890 it was the Scottish Born Robert Gair who accidently invented the first flat-pack paperboard box.


cardboard box packaging


Boxtopia is proud to be part of this great tradition and as such makes all of its standard boxes in-house using flat-pack corrugated cardboard, which can then be made-up into boxes of any dimension, size and shape.

We are always striving to come up with better and more cost effective ways to transport and package your goods and if there is anything you would like to know or enquire about then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01476 576090.

Until next time

Boxtopia Team x

Oktoberfest is here – Get your cardboard boxes in order

Oktoberfest is here – Get your cardboard boxes in order

As October begins many of us will be spending time celebrating the German festival of Oktoberfest. Whilst it originally started in Munich, more and more towns and cities are now beginning to join in and celebrate. And it’s not just German beer! But local wines, gins and fruit juices too


bespoke boxes for Oktoberfest


October is a perfect time for this type of festival, as it marks the end of harvest as well as, the gathering of berries and fruit used for making speciality drinks like Elderberry cordial, sloe gin and fruit beer.


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