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Finland the the cardboard box baby tradition

Finland the the cardboard box baby tradition 

Since 1938 the expectant mothers of Finland have been presented with a cardboard box. It’s a tradition which, started in a time of high infant mortality and inequality. They were presented to represent that whoever you were, you were entitled to the same start in life, with a cardboard box as your first crib.

In short it represented equality and even today these cardboard boxes are available to all pregnant women as a gift from the Finnish government. They are not just used as baby’s first crib, but also contain other items such as duvets, blankets, socks, mittens, nail scissors, hairbrushes, a toothbrush, bath thermometer, nappy cream, and washcloth.

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The box itself contains a small mattress and blanket for the baby to sleep with, and although most women in 2015 now opt for a proper luxury crib, the box has become a symbol for baby’s rite of passage with many mothers still using it for baby’s first night, uniting generations of women.


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Saving the environment one bespoke box at a time

Saving the environment one bespoke box at a time

As MPs and newspapers continue to push for people to lead a more environmentally-friendly life, here at Boxtopia we always try to do our bit. Our carbon footprint is just as important to us as it is to you.

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This is why we ensure that our bespoke cardboard boxes are made from 100% recyclable materials. Even those made from virgin wood are cut from sustainable forests. If you are a business then choosing cardboard over substances such as plastic is a wise move. Not only are the boxes recyclable but they are bio-degradable too. Many companies package their products up in non-organic ways and often double up; but with Boxtopia this does not have to be you.


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Finding the right packaging

Finding the right packaging

When you are a small business owner one of your primary objectives is to deliver your products safely and securely to your customers.

E-commerce professionals have recently been documented in a survey by eBay that damaged packaging accounts for up to 60% of returns. This is a huge and costly affair if you are trying to keep your overheads down as a company.

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We recently interviewed a small business owner called Rebecca Alderton, who stated,

“As a small business owner, damaged items returned due to inappropriate packaging would be seriously detrimental to my reputation and customers’ happiness. I would hate for this to happen so always choose the best quality and most suitable packaging materials and have never had a complaint; even when delivering to Hong Kong”


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Printed boxes ideal for promoting your company

Printed boxes ideal for promoting your company and sending samples

Every company or business promotes themselves at some point. The sending out of branded goods is a great way of getting your name out there and marketing yourself to a much wider audience. We find a lot companies use this method to deliver T-shirts, stationery, samples or even mugs to their customers.


So, if you are a company looking for a way to get your goods and samples to potential clients, then our boxes are perfect for your purpose.

Every one of Boxtopia boxes are bespoke. This means you get to choose the dimensions of your box, the shape, the thickness of wall (either double at 6mm or single at 3mm) and the number you require. Our box calculator has been designed for you to be able to create quotations for your bespoke boxes in seconds. If you’d like to give it a try then it’s right here.


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Presenting our 'presentation boxes' for that added pizzazz

Presenting our 'presentation boxes' for that added pizzazz

The presentation box can be used for a variety of purposes and our styles always reflect your needs. It may be that you are sending DVDs, CDs or fragile photographs through the post. Whatever you are sending you can rest assured we have the solution to your packaging requirements.

Boxtopia offers a huge range of boxes designed for virtually any item you can imagine. Presentation boxes can come flat packed, or ready made to a specified size with lift off lids. 


They provide a perfect bed for any special item you have to sell or send, including plates, glassware, jewellery or even books. They also benefit from being available in a large selection of colours, including gold, silver, red, pink, green, blue, black and white.

Presentation boxes may be that bit more expensive, but the quality and overall look makes them well worth it.


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