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Printed boxes ideal for promoting your company

Printed boxes ideal for promoting your company and sending samples

Every company or business promotes themselves at some point. The sending out of branded goods is a great way of getting your name out there and marketing yourself to a much wider audience. We find a lot companies use this method to deliver T-shirts, stationery, samples or even mugs to their customers.


So, if you are a company looking for a way to get your goods and samples to potential clients, then our boxes are perfect for your purpose.

Every one of Boxtopia boxes are bespoke. This means you get to choose the dimensions of your box, the shape, the thickness of wall (either double at 6mm or single at 3mm) and the number you require. Our box calculator has been designed for you to be able to create quotations for your bespoke boxes in seconds. If you’d like to give it a try then it’s right here.


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Presenting our 'presentation boxes' for that added pizzazz

Presenting our 'presentation boxes' for that added pizzazz

The presentation box can be used for a variety of purposes and our styles always reflect your needs. It may be that you are sending DVDs, CDs or fragile photographs through the post. Whatever you are sending you can rest assured we have the solution to your packaging requirements.

Boxtopia offers a huge range of boxes designed for virtually any item you can imagine. Presentation boxes can come flat packed, or ready made to a specified size with lift off lids. 


They provide a perfect bed for any special item you have to sell or send, including plates, glassware, jewellery or even books. They also benefit from being available in a large selection of colours, including gold, silver, red, pink, green, blue, black and white.

Presentation boxes may be that bit more expensive, but the quality and overall look makes them well worth it.


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The advantages of die-cutting

Think of die-cutting as industrial-strength cookie cutting: you take a piece of corrugated cardboard and then cut out your box dimensions, using a die like a cookie cutter machine. This then produces a flat box shape which can be easily slotted together. 

With Boxtopia you choose the dimensions, shape, thickness and quantity of boxes you require. Then you can leave it up to us to cut your bespoke boxes out for you. Simple!

Professional appearance

Die-cut boxes are essential to modern packaging and for major manufacturers and retailers as a whole. They are even super beneficial for smaller businesses too. Why? Because these neat boxes are used to package and ship products across the UK and Europe in an easy, professional and affordable manner. 

No need for tape

The die-cut box uses tabs and slots to keep the box closed. This means that most styles do not require any tape, banding, glue, or staples to secure the edges, so these boxes are ideal for shipping and in-store displays.
We have put together a small list of ‘The main benefits of using die-cuts in your business’ and it goes as follows:


  1. Uniformity – Die-cutting creates multiple identical forms, so you get boxes all the same shape and much more professional looking.
  2. Speed – Our die-cutting machine can create a shape in one punch, so has the ability to make many identical boxes extremely quickly.
  3. Low Cost – Other methods of cutting require the use of multiple tools or machines; die-cutting can be less expensive because only one tool or machine is needed to create the boxes.
  4. Less Waste – Die-cutting leaves less waste material around the shapes than other cutting methods, because the dies can be lined up very closely. This, therefore, is good news for the environment as well as your business.
If you've been convinced by the advantages to die-cutting listed here, visit our die-cut box page to see some preset size options or give us a call on 01476 576 090 to order your fully bespoke boxes..
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Branding and your bespoke box

Branding and your bespoke box

Boxtopia offer a wide range of bespoke box solutions, but one of our most popular options is the brown cardboard box with a printed logo. So why do companies choose these boxes time and time again?

Firstly, the boxes themselves are all bespoke, meaning you get to choose the shape, dimensions, thickness and quantity. This is great for saving you time, cuts down on waste and ensures you have the right sized box for your individual products, giving a more professional look to the packaging.

The benefits of your logo and branding speak for themselves. Your business needs to create a positive image in the minds of your customers and contrary to what most people believe, branding isn’t just a logo on a box. Your business’s purpose, focus, and image all combine to create your brand.


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Whether it's beer or chocolates....

Whether it's beer or chocolates, boxtopia has the solution for you!

As July is here many of you will be thinking about heading out to village and county shows everywhere. Some of you may even be planning to set-up your own stall?

Wherever you are and whatever you are selling, you will need the capacity to get your precious goods to their destination safely and easily; and what better way than a Boxtopia bespoke cardboard box?

8 sail


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