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Branding and your bespoke box

Branding and your bespoke box

Boxtopia offer a wide range of bespoke box solutions, but one of our most popular options is the brown cardboard box with a printed logo. So why do companies choose these boxes time and time again?

Firstly, the boxes themselves are all bespoke, meaning you get to choose the shape, dimensions, thickness and quantity. This is great for saving you time, cuts down on waste and ensures you have the right sized box for your individual products, giving a more professional look to the packaging.

The benefits of your logo and branding speak for themselves. Your business needs to create a positive image in the minds of your customers and contrary to what most people believe, branding isn’t just a logo on a box. Your business’s purpose, focus, and image all combine to create your brand.


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Whether it's beer or chocolates....

Whether it's beer or chocolates, boxtopia has the solution for you!

As July is here many of you will be thinking about heading out to village and county shows everywhere. Some of you may even be planning to set-up your own stall?

Wherever you are and whatever you are selling, you will need the capacity to get your precious goods to their destination safely and easily; and what better way than a Boxtopia bespoke cardboard box?

8 sail


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5 Unexpected uses for bespoke boxes

5 Unexpected uses for ‘bespoke boxes’

OK, you’ve purchased one of our fab bespoke cardboard boxes. You’re products have been delivered. Your customer is happy everything arrived safe and sound, so, what to do with those boxes now?

 Well as you may be aware our bespoke boxes, are very environmentally friendly and we pride ourselves on only using recyclable, bio-degradable cardboard. We even make sure our corrugated cardboard, from virgin sources is also from sustainable forests, where trees are replaced for every one cut down.

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Why are our bespoke boxes different to the rest?

So what makes boxtopia different from any other?

A lot of companies claim to offer bespoke cardboard boxes, but the question is, how bespoke are they?

bespoke cardboard boxes

At Boxtopia our boxes won’t let you down on that front, you can rest assured that you are always in complete control of your order.

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Boxes perfect for those summer activities we love!

Boxes perfect for those summer activities we love!

As summer approaches, many of you will be thinking about enjoying your favourite hobbies in the sunshine, which may be activities such as, cycling, walking, photography or riding that motorbike.

So if you own a cycle shop, sell roller-skates, motorcycle parts or hiking boots, for instance, you’ll need those trusty cardboard boxes to send your goods out to your valued customers.

BMXPartsSingle Wall 2


The 0201 and 0203 boxes are perfect for moving equipment and products just like the aforementioned; both safely and securely. The great thing about Boxtopia is that we are able to supply you with bespoke cardboard boxes of any size and shape, and any quantity (even if that means just one box).

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