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Ben and Terry go on an adventure!

Ben and Terry go on an adventure!

bespoke boxes

As you are probably aware by now (as you are reading this) we are introducing a new blog to our site, or maybe that should be, resurrecting the old one! 

Either way, we understand that many of you already sign up to our weekly newsletter for our great product updates, offers and customer stories, but for those of you who don’t, this is for you! It’s just a way of us letting you know we are thinking of you!


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May for fourth be with you!

May for fourth be with you! 

Next week most of us will be spending the Monday at home, in the sun in our gardens, or watching a movie on our sofa. Either way we’ll be enjoying our time off.

coloured boxes

But! Have you ever thought about what May Day really means?

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Boxtopia simply adores Grantham gingerbread

Boxtopia adores Grantham gingerbread!

Did you know... we supply local company Purple Foods with printed boxes for their famous Grantham GingerbreadWe do, and we are especially proud to have them as one of our customers.

This unique local product has a great deal of history here in Grantham, dating all the way back to 1740 when the recipe was invented by William Eggleston. Recently after years of neglect, Alistair Hawken ‘the Gingerbread King of Grantham’ has resurrected the tradition of making these yummy little biscuits, allowing us to rediscover them all over again.

Alistair produces small batches of his biscuits  - all weighed and measured by hand (the good old fashioned way) giving them more individuality and making sure they are baked to his high standard, whilst promoting Grantham’s heritage. 


Boxtopia is one of the few companies in the area offering printing on short run bespoke boxes, so Alistair is able to impress his customers by showing them our local speciality in wonderfully printed, professional-looking boxes. These boxes emphasise the quality of the product and give him confidence in his sales.  The exciting and positive image on the box also means you are instantly aware of his brand when that delivery comes through.


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We can box anything, even plants!

We can box anything, even plants!

As some of you will be aware, last week on our Face Book blog, we mentioned Just Artificial Ltd with whom we are lucky enough to do some reciprocal business. They are a great firm who produce and sell artificial plants, flowers and trees, as well as other exciting little gifts and crafts. All of their products vary in shape and size.

Whether it’s a bunch of Hydrangeas, a cheese plant for your office, or a fancy flower display arrangement for a family member, these items need to be packed and boxed accordingly, to make sure they arrive at their destination in perfect condition. After all, these kinds of packages can be extremely fragile.



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Last call for Christmas

Last call for Christmas!

Hi everyone!

Here at Boxtopia we are always well prepared for Christmas.. With boxes, labels and packaging surrounding us all year long!

So, whether you require some last minute packaging for a big order that’s just come in, or you are planning ahead for the New Year, we are at your service.

Ben and Terry, our in house experts can answer any questions you may have about our products, no matter how technical! But if you’d like to look for yourself why not browse our shop.. You’re only one click away!

ben and terry chalk board boxes

If you’ve been taking note of our recent newsletters, you’ll have gained some great inspiration from Wabbadoo Candy (see here) and you’ll also know we are closed from lunch time on the 23rd of December, until January the 5th!

So, if there is anything we can help you with before the festivities fall into full swing, please don’t hesitate to call the team today on 01476 576 090 or why not have a go for yourself on our brilliant box calculator (see here)!

Until next time.. Merry Christmas!

The Boxtopia Team

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