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Meet our client - blue box socks

Blue box socks

Meet one of our clients!

Blue Box Socks is a Doncaster-based family business which, in less than 7 years, has grown to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers of disposable socks and footwear.

The company has been operating since 2007 when proprietor, Rob Douthwaite spotted a gap in the market.

Rob explains, “I was working for a company that managed Tenpin Bowling Centres and Health Clubs. The supplier of the disposable socks that we used went out of business and we weren’t able to find another supplier locally. I realised there must be an opportunity for a local supplier, as other Bowling Centres had the same problem, so I decided to set up a web site and start a company supplying disposable socks to bowling centres and that’s how Blue Box Socks began.”

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Ben and Terry: Labelling and printing

Ben and Terry: Labelling and printing

Do you own a business? Have you ever looked at an order that you send out and ask yourself “why doesn’t this look as good as I want it to?”  Because you are asking this question, we decided to branch out and get on board with labelling and printing! Here are Ben and Terry to teach you more about these two products.

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Ben and Terry: A history lesson!

Ben and Terry: A history lesson!

Ever wondered how your favourite packaging materials came to be? Professors Ben and Terry have been putting their lecture notes together on the subject!

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Bespoke boxes: A case study

Bespoke boxes: A case study

See how one of our customers is using our boxes!

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Packaging for valentines day

Packaging for valentine’s day

Have you been thinking of doing a promotion for Valentine’s Day but are worried that you might have left it too late to sort out your packaging, or are worried about ending up with spare boxes you won’t use, we’ve got the answer for you. Our boxes are available on a short turn around and in whatever quantity you desire! Here’s some ideas for how to pack those Valentine’s products or offers.

Printed boxes

Having a printed message or design on your boxes is another great way to tie them in with Valentine’s day. You could choose a romantic quote, a pretty design or something more personal. How about treating your most important clients by sending them a box of freebies with a “With love from us” message?


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