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Look at what Dodo Juice are doing with our boxes!


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The 0201 is the most common style of box we manufacture, but all sorts of unusual products are packed in them. Look at what  DodoJuice are doing with our boxes! Our speciality is custom made cardboard boxes in short runs, with minimum orders starting at just one box. These boxes have been supplied to a specific size to restrict movement inside.

Other products may require a different sort of packaging.

We can even supply the dividers to give added protection.

Or layer pads to give stability between multi layers.

The 0201 is generally used for outer packaging and is one of the most cost effective styles you can buy. We can produce these boxes in single wall or double wall corrugated cardboard, and they come to you flat-packed.

However, if you need something more stylish we can also manufacture in colours: we currently stock single wall board in brown, white, black and royal blue. We also supply printed tape which can increase your brand awareness, create a positive image and encourage customer loyalty.



Are you off to market? If you are you'll need a box or two

Are you off to Market? If you are you’ll need a Box or Two

The upcoming weeks mark the start of Christmas markets, up and down the country. In the City of Lincoln, not far from Boxtopia HQ, they hold one of the largest Christmas market in Europe with more than 280 stalls. Retailers, crafters, food manufacturers, brewers and all manner of entrepreneurial people will be gathering to sell their extraordinary products in celebration of the Christmas season. 

220px LincolnXmasMkt


Although Boxtopia will not have a stall per se, we will be there in spirit.

Why? Because our bespoke boxes are used by hundreds of companies who sell products at Christmas markets around the country. 


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Boxing Up the Impossible

Boxing Up the Impossible 

In this week’s blog we have been reminiscing about all the awesome Christmas items we have boxed over the years. We are always looking for a challenge when it comes to packaging, and boy, have you provided us with some!

Both this year and last, we have been asked to wrap up a Christmas Tree. Last year we also created a fabulous die-cut box, in black, for a liquorice company, which we just adored!

packaging and boxes for christmas


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Do something nice this Christmas with our boxes

Do something nice this Christmas with our boxes


Most of you will already have the low-down on our bespoke boxes, so for this week’s blog we have decided to dedicate it to altruism. We have been thinking about what you can do with our wonderful bespoke cardboard boxes, once you have used them, or if you have any spare.

This Christmas why not get one of those boxes and fill it with cans of soup, odds and ends from your store cupboard, beans, sweetcorn or packets of rice.


Then with whatever you fill your box with, you can then head down your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter and donate a little something to those who won’t be sitting down for a turkey this Christmas.

It’s just a little something to show you care. At Boxtopia we love ideas like this, our boxes are built for purpose, but they can be reused for awesome things too.

So, if you are going to buy some fab boxes this Christmas, why not buy one extra?

Visit our box calculator for a 5-step quote or alternatively, give us a call on 01476 576090 to speak to one of our lovely staff.

Until Next Time
The Boxtopia Team x

Santa's coming get your boxes and packaging in order

Santa's coming get your boxes and packaging in order

The clocks have gone back, the nights are darker, the days colder; winter is now truly upon us. But don’t despair! With winter comes that much anticipated annual event known as Christmas.

santa parcels


Christmas is a great time not only for families and children but also for business. For many of you, it is the busiest time of year, with record sales supporting your bottom line for the months that follow. That’s why Boxtopia want to help you guys out.


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