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Coloured & Presentation Boxes

Imagine how your customers will feel if, rather than the standard brown cardboard boxes, your products come in a royal blue or a sleek black one! Think how this can make your packaging stand out from the plain boxes your competitors are using!

Our single wall cardboard boxes and die-cut boxes can be made in coloured cardboard too! Currently we have brown, blue, black and white in stock, but watch this place for more colours in future! As with our other products, we have no minimum orders for coloured boxes and minimum orders start at just one box.

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Glamour aside, coloured boxes can also play a very practical role in terms of packaged product identification. Pick out specific products at a glance even in a busy warehouse environment. You could even allocate specific clients their own colour!

Coloured cardboard boxes at Boxtopia

Check out our online shop to see what we can supply from stock right now. 

If you need a different kind of coloured box, one for smaller or more delicate items, for example, we have a range of rigid presentation boxes in a large variety of sizes and colours. These are ideal for products like jewellery which will continue to be kept in the box, or for giving a special occasion gift. Contact us here to enquire about colours or sizes available.

 Or give our friendly sales team a call on 01476 576 090 to find out how we can help you.

We sell a collection of coloured boxes in a variety of bespoke sizes. There are lots of colours to pick from for your coloured boxes, whether you're looking for blue coloured boxes, or pink boxes, we can customise your box for your bespoke needs. Coloured Cardboard Boxes are available in short to medium runs.

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