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Conventional Boxes at Boxtopia

Here at Boxtopia, we can manufacture all sorts of conventional box styles, as well as die cut boxes. Our speciality is custom made cardboard boxes in short runs, with minimum orders starting at just one box!



This month we will be looking at 0203 which is very similar but, rather than the 4 flaps top and bottom meeting in the middle, the flaps go the full width of the box.

This style of box is generally used for outer packaging and, because the flaps go the full width of the box, your product receives added protection. 

Just measure the product; add a few millimetres for manoeuvrability or extra packaging; let us know the internal dimensions of the box and then we can make a bespoke box that fits your product exactly.

We can produce these boxes in single wall or double wall corrugated cardboard, and they come to you flat-packed.

They can also be made in colours: we currently stock single wall board

in brown, white, black and royal blue.

The 0203 is ideal for fragile or delicate items: 

  • Transporting from door to door to ensure your goods arrive safely. Our boxes house a whole host of products such as musical instruments, car parts, polishes, clothing, ceramics, glassware (we can even supply the dividers for added protection).

  • Packing goods for house/office moves.

  • Protecting your goods from dust and damage when they are being stored.

  • Neatness. Sometimes (if you have a very small box, for example), the flaps on a style 0201 can look a bit clumpy. Having full width flaps that can be glued or taped down, can look much neater.

  • A way of promoting your services. We can also print on any quantity of this box style to get your message across.

  • Or just a way of having fun. Just give your child a box and see what he does with it.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Boxtopia team on:


We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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