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Die-cut Cardboard Boxes

Die-Cut Boxes

Die cut boxes are boxes that are stamped out of cardboard, rather like the way you’d cut shapes out of pastry!


die cuts

They are sometimes referred to as mailers (because they are often used as postal boxes) or pizza style boxes because some resemble that shape. We can make die-cut boxes to order or you can check our online shop for standard sizes!

Enquire now about die-cut boxes

These boxes can be manufactured in a huge range of shapes and styles. Below is a selection of the die-cut boxes we've made for our customers. 

Advantages of Die-Cut Boxes:

  • This style of box can be tailor-made to any size or shape, making them ideal for those of you who need bespoke boxes
  • If made to measure boxes aren’t what you’re after, there are many ready-made styles available such as these FEFCO styles 
  • Our die cut boxes are supplied flat-packed and most styles require little or no taping, giving a very professional look
  • We can currently make die-cut boxes in black, white and royal blue as well as brown. We may have more colours in future if demand increases - watch this space!
  • Double-wall die-cut boxes are also available for extra protection

Note: Please take into account that as we will probably have to get the tooling for your bespoke orders specially made, Die-cut boxes may take a little longer to reach you than our standard cardboard boxes. However, depending on your requirements we may already have the tooling available for what you need!

Pick up the phone and give us a call on 01476 576 090 or make an enquiry here to find out how we can provide the best solution to your die cut box needs.

Here at Boxtopia we offer a variety of die-cut boxes in a collection of colours.

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