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Do something nice this Christmas with our boxes

Do something nice this Christmas with our boxes


Most of you will already have the low-down on our bespoke boxes, so for this week’s blog we have decided to dedicate it to altruism. We have been thinking about what you can do with our wonderful bespoke cardboard boxes, once you have used them, or if you have any spare.

This Christmas why not get one of those boxes and fill it with cans of soup, odds and ends from your store cupboard, beans, sweetcorn or packets of rice.


Then with whatever you fill your box with, you can then head down your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter and donate a little something to those who won’t be sitting down for a turkey this Christmas.

It’s just a little something to show you care. At Boxtopia we love ideas like this, our boxes are built for purpose, but they can be reused for awesome things too.

So, if you are going to buy some fab boxes this Christmas, why not buy one extra?

Visit our box calculator for a 5-step quote or alternatively, give us a call on 01476 576090 to speak to one of our lovely staff.

Until Next Time
The Boxtopia Team x

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