Printed Boxes

Looking for printed boxes? Boxtopia is one of the few companies in the UK which can offer printing on very small runs of boxes.

Using printed boxes is a great way to impress your customers and give them extra confidence in the quality of your product. You have two products delivered; one comes in a plain brown cardboard box. The other comes in a brown cardboard box printed with the company’s name and logo. Which one gives a more professional feel?

They create an exciting, positive image, which helps build up awareness of your brand. A beautifully printed box will make you stand out in customer’s minds “That was the one that came in the cool box!” Your packaging becomes a talking point, something people recognise.

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Alternately, they fulfull a really practical purpose in a warehouse environment, helping you identify different packaged products without the headaches!

On short runs we are able to print in black only  but on larger quantities we are able to offer more colours.  

If you need full colour print, we are able to offer full colour vinyl printed labels in small or large quantities.


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