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Void Fill Packaging

cardboard box half full of white polystyrene void fillerVoid fill packaging solutions fill up the empty space in boxes, preventing your products from moving around and getting damaged during transit. The best void fillers, like the polystyrene filler that we sell, are lightweight and flexible, fitting round any product without adding anything significant to the weight of the package. Order today by clicking on the product below.

Polystyrene filler - light and flexible loose fill

Boxtopia’s void fill packaging of choice is a loose fill made up of polystyrene chips that we sell in bags of 5 cubic feet. We believe that this void fill option is a premium solution that caters to a wide range of product shipping situations. The material is lightweight and absorbs impact very well, particularly when in small chunks as it is here. One of the real strengths of our polystyrene filler is that it gets into every nook and cranny, giving your items complete protection from any impacts that may occur during delivery.

We always consider the health and environmental impact of our packaging solutions, which is why we are committed to dust-free, biodegradable polystyrene fillers. If you would like more information about our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Bag of 5 cubic feet of polystyrene fillerOther options

Along with our polystyrene filler, we sell a range of other protective packaging options. Bubble wrap can be a great choice if you don’t have much empty space to fill in your box, while mail lite envelopes can keep smaller, flatter products safe without the need for bulky packaging. You can also check out our stretch wrap and our packaging straps for a wider range of protective packaging products.

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Polystyrene loose fill

5 cubic feet



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